>>Chop-Sticks Detail: How it works


Julie Patton developed CHOP-STICKS™ for all wind instrumental players. After testing with students and teachers, it was determined that brass, double reeds and clarinet displayed clear benefits in range, endurance and control; however, saxophone and flute were not a good fit.

Endurance and range are always a challenge for wind players, especially brass. After teaching 14,000+ lessons and twenty years of extensive embouchure studies, plus interviews with several professional musicians and university professors, it became apparent that building chops is similar to bodybuilding. Bodybuilding can build strength and power, and can improve performance in sports or activities. Bodybuilding focuses on improving muscular endurance and strength, while sports can improve flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The professional wind player must build strength, power, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance by practicing, alone.

Any athletic trainer will tell you that training for a sport involves more than just playing the sport. A swimmer who builds muscle by weight training will most likely outperform a swimmer who merely swims. A boxer who uses weight training for his whole body will most likely outperform the boxer who just boxes. Weight training has been used for years as a way to supplement other training, prevent injuries, and to balance strength of all body parts. The athlete who trains with weights can build specific muscles in less time.

Heavy resistance with low repetitions can build strength, light resistance with high repetitions can build endurance. Our ten-week program will take you through all of the exercises and weights.

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