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NOTE: These weights are small and convenient to carry around.



ADVANCED SET (Shown above) available in Stainless Steel and Nickel Plated sticks, plus a bag and a methodology booklet with instructions, pictures and the 10-week exercise program. The PRO SET includes 3 Clamp-On Weights for added weight and moveable torque.


CHOP-STICKS™ is a specialized exercise program designed to strengthen the embouchure muscles, and to be used in conjunction with practicing. Julie Patton designed the product and wrote the methodolgy for the exercise program. She studied with Armando Ghitalla and Ramón Parcells while at the University of Michigan, Charles Larkins, founder of the Galliard Brass, and received coaching from many music celebs such as members of the Empire Brass, Frank Kaderabek, Ray Mase and others. She was a band director, taught lessons and performed for 20 years and saw a need for a supplemental tool; not only to strengthen chops but to keep them in shape when unable to practice due to injury, vacation or illness. She tested Chop-Sticks™ with students from the University of Arizona, as well as with many professional musicians. This was initially designed for all wind instrumental players; but it was revealed during testing that brass, double reeds and clarinet would gain the most benefit.

This is a program that utilizes 5 different lip weights. These weights (sticks) also have 5 different sizes. These were designed to mimic the sizes of apertures that are used throughout all registers and dynamics when you play. It provides refinement of the smaller muscles used while playing and can improve control of the embouchure.

Exercises were developed to refine and control the muscle movement, and to define the embouchure muscles being used. These full-range-of-motion exercises provide flexibility while strengthening. Students using weights alone were matched in a university study against students using weights and exercises, and those using weights alone experienced stiff chops as compared to those employing the exercises with the weights who did not experience stiffness. Range, endurance, and control were benefits reported.

The program takes you slowly through each stick and exercise, week by week. At the end of the 10-week program you will be using all of the sticks and exercises in a regimen that takes about 15 minutes. You monitor your own progress. If your playing feels really tired the next day, you probably did too many reps or sets. Just cut back for a while and push yourself at a slower pace. When you feel you are ready for more of a challenge, upgrade to the PRO SET by adding the SUPPLEMENTAL CLAMP-ON WEIGHTS.

**Try holding a pencil horizontally with your lips (place it in front of your teeth) to see what it feels like with minimal weight. This will give you an idea how easy the program is to do. The pencil exercise is limited in weight, and aperture size, though and does not have an exercise routine which will help to expand your control and flexibility. The pencil exercise alone has been shown to cause muscles to become stiff.


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