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1. CHOP-STICKS™ STARTER KIT: This kit is great if you are on a budget or a high school student. You can upgrade to an Advanced set later by buying the Starter Kit Completer, or upgrade to a Pro set by buying the Clamp-on Weights later. This Starter Kit Includes one medium-sized #3 stick, a deluxe bag and a methodology booklet. Choose bag color below.

2. CHOP-STICKS ADVANCED: This set is for more advanced players who are playing less than 2 hours per day. You can upgrade to a Pro set later by buying the Clamp-on Weights. Includes all 5 sticks, a deluxe bag, and a methodology booklet. Choose Stainless Steel or Nickel plated. Choose bag color below.

3. CHOP-STICKS PRO: This set is for pros and anyone who is playing 2 hours or more per day on average. Includes all 5 Stainless Steel sticks, a deluxe bag and methodology booklet, plus 3 Clamp-on weights that can be positioned onto the sticks for more weight and moveable torque. Choose bag color below.


4. CLAMP-ON SUPPLEMENTAL WEIGHTS: includes 5 Clamp-On Supplemental Weights for extreme conditioning that allows for flexible positioning with moveable torque. Zinc Plated Steel (1-lg, 2-med, 2-sm) For use with Advanced Stainless Steel Set or Starter Kit. Not recommended for use with Nickel or Gold plated sticks (it can scratch the surface).

5. REPLACEMENT STICKS: order any stick (#1, 2, 3, 4, 5) to replace lost sticks.

6. CHOP-STICKS™ STARTER KIT COMPLETER: includes sticks #1, #2, #4, #5 in stainless steel, to complete your Starter Kit and convert it into an Advanced Set (bag and booklet not included with the Completer).

7. CHOP-STICKS™ METHODOLOGY BOOKLET Replacement: 16-page User's Guide. Explains the logic behind CHOP-STICKS. Includes the 10-week exercise routine, pictures, tips, FAQs, and more! This automatically comes with an order of any Advanced Set, Pro Set or the Starter Kit; so you can come back and buy this replacement booklet if you lose the one that came with your set.

8. CHOP-STICKS™ DELUXE BAGS: Replacement bags are available in many color choices, as well as Chops-Bags for your mouthpieces and accessories in 2 different sizes and many colors. One bag comes with any of the Starter Kit, Advanced and Pro orders.








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