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"Finally a lip balm that stays out of your way!
Musician's Lip Butter is health food for your
chops. All natural ingredients and no waxy
feeling make it a must for all musicians."

Jeffrey Curnow
Associate Principal Trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra and former member of the Empire Brass.


"Musician's Lip Butter Beats All the Others Out
There! It passed all my tests with flying colors... The
lasts longer without needing endless repeat
applications, it really protected my lips in some honest
New England style winter weather, and it worked
really well overnight when I suffered from a nasty
dehydrating cold, allowing me to yawn the next
morning without any fear of my lips cracking open!
I'm sold, and you should be too!"

Jeffrey Work
Principal Trumpet of the Oregon Symphony & The Colorado Music Festival, Trumpet Soloist

I have been using MUSICIAN'S LIP BUTTER for a few weeks now. Honestly, I don't like putting anything on my lips and only do it out of necessity.

A Few Reasons for Not Liking MOST Lip Oinment Products:
1. Lip gloss is for women. I don't want to see a shiny lips in the mirror.
2. Most products do not actually moisturize or condition the lips. They just coat them and clog the pores. Clogged pores mean dried out lips, which means more lip ointment.
3. My wife will not kiss me if she knows I have certain lip ointments on. She doesn't like camphor, menthol, peppermint oil, or anything that makes her lips tingle.
4. I don't like cleaning my trumpets and finding lip ointment in there.

That being said, I live in Appleton, WI. Lip ointment is a necessity of life for a trumpet player.

1. It actually conditions the lips and moisturizes them.
2. A little bit goes a long way.
3. My wife doesn't know when I have it on, and I can use it sparingly, so she will kiss me.

John Daniel
Professor of Trumpet, Lawrence University, Trumpet Soloist

"I am usually not a fan of lip balm, but
Musician's Lip Butter
is different. It is very smooth on the lips and
does not swell my lips as other balms do.
I highly recommend it!"

Dr. Daniel D'Addio
Prof. of Music, Central Connecticut State University, Trumpet Soloist

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